About Me
My philosophy for living: I want to experience everything.

I should have been more specific because many of my experiences
have had tragic outcomes. However, from an early age, I have learned
how to cope when life metes out its unfairness, often finding humor in
the challenges. I try to understand the lessons I must learn, and I thank
my Lord for guidance, comfort, and strength.

Throughout my life, I’ve had my share of crises. I remember reading
“You Can Survive Anything” in Redbook. I should have felt empathy for
those cited in the examples; however, I had experienced every example
of tragedy, not one or two, but all of them, plus a few not mentioned. I
was the poster woman for the sum total of all the bad things that can go
wrong in your life.

People have told me I’m an inspiration to them for having survived my
experiences, but they didn’t know I had learned survival skills as a child.
It’s all a matter of choice as to how to deal with the situation or
circumstances. Oh sure, I had times when I cried until my eyes swelled
shut, or I yelled and screamed at the unfairness of life. But that didn’t
improve the situation, nor make it any easier for me to cope. Learning to
survive crises takes fortitude, faith, family, and friends. To emerge as an
undamaged human after a crisis is a blessing, one I am ever grateful for

I hope my writing, which is sometimes poignant and often humorous, will
be of some encouragement. After all, I can be that friend whose been
there and done that and who sees the beauty, gifts, and rewards of all
of life’s challenges.

O  Age:  Well, I still don’t qualify for senior discounts.

O   Birthplace:  The forgotten half of southern Illinois

O  Education:  Jewish Hospital School of Nursing in St. Louis Missouri;
     Registered Nurse;  Studied creative nonfiction writing in California

O  Occupations:  Swimming teacher for six years
     RN for twenty-two years, retired
     College English tutor for two years
     Writer for fifteen years

O  Marital status:  Single; divorced after thirty-three years of marriage    
     (He didn’t like me writing about him.)

O  Children:  One daughter, who loved to paint and read, died from        
     complications of AIDS at age ten and three quarters

O  Family:  Parents alive and well and tearing up the highways in  
     their new Corvette
     Brother, a civil engineer, three years younger, with one daughter
     Sister, dabbles in real estate and keeping her family organized,       
     thirteen years younger, married with one daughter

O  Home:  A small villa in a southern Illinois village after twenty-seven
     years of big-city living in Southern California

O  Hobbies:  Playing the guitar and singing badly

O  Religion:  Saved through Jesus Christ

O  Organizations:  Freeburg Community Bible Church, public relations
     person; Women In Service for Him (W.I.S.H.); St. Louis Writers
     Guild Member of Distinction

O  Passions:  Writing, reading, Lakers basketball, Rams football, and

O  Pets:  A three-year-old Coton De Tulear dog named Kobe (named
     after NBA Lakers Guard Kobe Bryant)
Creative Nonfiction Writer & Author
                     Debbie Fox
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