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Query Letter Part 4: Summing Up

Your summation might include a sentence about your writing achievements, especially if it pertains to your proposed idea.  For example, if you have published articles on various dietary supplements, and you are pitching an article comparing the costs of dietary supplements, mention your credits and the publications.  Offering to send writing clips might entice an editor to look more closely at your idea.  If you don’t have any clips yet, be sure to state what qualifies you to write the article (education, experience).

As you conclude your query letter, state what you want the editor to do:

  • Thank you for considering my query.
  • I look forward to working with you.
  • May I send you a few of my writing clips to help you make your decision?
  • May I send you the article for review?  (If you have already written it.)


Finally, thank the editor for her time and indicate that you are eager to hear from her.  If this is an exclusive query, advise the editor and disclose how long you are willing to wait for her response before querying another publication. 

Use a short complimentary closing—sincerely, respectfully, yours truly.  Skip two lines and type your full name, then sign below it.

If your letter goes longer than one page, narrow your side margins to an inch or reduce the header and footer margins.  Don’t be tempted to reduce the font size; stick with a 12-point font for readability (except in the contact information in the header).   

Do your homework—know the publication intimately, its readership, and the editor’s name and preferences.  Keep your letter concise and professional, and you will attract assignments.

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