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Contestants Beware!

I’ve warned my writing friends about a certain humor contest that doesn’t seem on the up and up.  Although the entry fee is a mere $5, the contest rules claim there will be three winners.  Last year, however, the contest only awarded two writers prize money—first and second place.  The contest judge chose not to award a third place and gave no reason for withholding the loot.  Maybe no one else entered but those two.  Wait a sec—I should have been awarded third place because I entered.  Why no third place?

This year I got an email about the next contest, same guidelines.  I was a little ticked with what happened last year, so I replied to the email, calling the contest a “rip off,” which in my humble opinion it was because there was no explanation for not awarding a third place prize.  Finally, my writing got the attention of the contest host, who sent me an email, asking, “What have you done with your life?  Who are you?  What have you accomplished?  What are your credits?  How have you helped anyone in your life?”  The host had no answer for the non awarded prize but informed me I didn’t have to answer the questions because the answers were known.  “No one and nothing.”  

So, I will drag my poor pathetic life to a dark and dingy hovel, lick my wounds, and consider the results of calling someone who hosts a humor contest “not funny.”

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