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Birth of a Book

My book is finished. I hold it my hands and marvel at its beauty. It’s my child, perfect in every way, although I suppose there are probably some flaws hidden in the text, amid the words my mind created. I remember the struggles of putting it all together, the hours upon hours of tweaking sentences and arranging paragraphs. “It’s a fast read,” people have commented. I guess it is, but I couldn’t help wondering if my words affected them. Did they hurt when I hurt, cry when I cried, tremble when I was scared? Did they know it was more than a story? Did they understand the underlying themes? Did I enlighten them? Entertain them? Bore them? Will they want to read more books I write? Birthing a book is an arduous task but a thoroughly rewarding accomplishment. But now I suffer from postpublishing blues due to marketing tasks overload. Creativity pauses while I turn my attention to book sales. Still, I feel my next story beckoning, calling me to empty myself on pages, to birth another child. Growing a book also takes time, so be patient, my friends.

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  1. T.W. Fendley says

    I can certainly identify with the post-publishing blues…and the longing for the next story to be written. Loved the post!

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