Writing Clips
Debbie Fox
"Cake Anyone?" was printed in Lipstik, a bimonthly women's
newspaper.  The humor piece was rejected by one women's
magazine because it made the editor squeamish.
"Those Annoying Driver-Walkers" was published in the Canadian
The Fellowship Link, Summer 2004, as a short humor
Now What? reprinted "Surviving Mother's Day" in May 2006.  
Sasee, an entertaining women's lifestyle magazine in Myrtle
Beach, South Carolina, published the humor piece
"Blind, Deaf,
but Happily Married" in their October/November 2004 issue.  A
quote from Coleridge triggers a couple’s debate about the word
“nag” and the nagging behavior within their relationship.  
Making a Stand” describes a deer stand invention by a local man for
MVP Outdoors in 2008.
“A New Season” compares a disintegrating marriage to a
losing basketball team, published in
Sasee, January 2008.  
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Writing memoir, I tend to see the humor in life's challenges.  But reality is often
harsh, so the writing must reflect a more serious flavor.  Whatever your taste, I hope
you enjoy a sampling of my personal essays.
"Kaskaskia Project" about safety on the Kaskaskia River appeared in
HeartLand Boating magazine June 2008.
"Uncertain River" appears in the July 2008 issue of HeartLand
In September 2008, HeartLand Boating magazine
published a marina profile and photographs,
Marina, A Safe Harbor."
"In Development" appeared in December 2008 on
Literal Chaos web site, a new literary magazine
just launched in St. Louis.
(Meet the contributors)
"Kaskaskia River Marina/Campground--Year-round Recreation," a
marina profile, ran in April 2009 in
HeartLand Boating magazine.
"Turn-Key Boating at Miller's Landing Marina" profiled the
Lake of the Ozark marina operated by Bob and Lynne
Miller in the March 2010 issue of
HeartLand Boating
magazine. (Photos by Diane Holste)
"Transformations" appeared in the August 2010
issue of
HeartLand Boating magazine. The feature
highlighted my family vacations at Lake of the
Ozarks, Missouri.