Current Projects
Debbie Fox

At any given time, I am usually working on several essays, each in a different
stage of development.  Often, an essay sits on my desk for weeks before I revisit
it.  Seeing it through fresh eyes, I am able to correct obvious errors.  Although I
think the essay is ready to submit, I can always find a way to improve it.  It’s hard
to stop revising, but eventually I send it off, where I know someone will peruse in
thirty seconds a piece of writing that took hours of attention.  Rejection slips can
be as numerous as junk mail.  But, occasionally, I get lucky.

I am also working on my second nonfiction book,
Something About Rainbows, an
account of the circumstances that led to the bizarre discovery my only child, a
seven-year-old daughter, had AIDS.  


This fall "Time," an essay, will appear in the anthology St. Louis Reflections
published by the St. Louis Writers Guild in celebration of their 90th anniversary,
one of the oldest writing organizations in the country.